Referee Information

Referee Assignors
If interested in refereeing for BYSL (Jr. High or U12), in our local Adult league (IFASA), and/or our High School league (IHSAA District        VI), please contact the following referee assignors:BYSL (U10, U12, & Jr. High): Shel Williams, (208) 552-2494Adult or High School: Chuck Raines, (208) 520-5742

Or check out

Referee Pay Schedule for BYSL Matches
U17-U19 U13-U16 U11-12 Comments
Center $41.00 AR $22.00 Center $34.00 AR $17.00 Center $19.00 AR $12.00 w/current Certification
SRSOA Meetings
Snake River Soccer Officials Association (SRSOA) meets the second        Tuesday of every monthCheck out SRSOA.ORG for more details.When: 8:00 PMWhere: Idaho Falls Parks & Rec Activity Center (1575 N. Skyline), west side of Skyline Drive, before the airport).It is critical that you attend as many of the SRSOA meetings as you can.        Even the most experienced refs learn    something from every meeting.

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