Soccer age     If you are unsure of your child’s “soccer age,” please check the Age Group Breakdown.

Birth certificate     Copy of birth certificate needed for new YDP players only.

Season length     YDP season runs from late August-October in the fall and late March-late May in the spring.

Soccer ball sizes     U6 & U8: Size 3 U10 & U12: Size 4

Field sizes     There are two fields running crossways on fields 1 and 4 (1 is the southernmost and 4 the northernmost field). The fields are painted in yellow. The boys will usually play on one of the two fields at field 4 but will occasionally play on field 1. The dimensions are approximately 60 yards x 40 yards. The goals are smaller (5’ by 10’).

Team sizes     We will continue with small sized teams. U6 will play 4-on-4, U8 will play 5-on-5, and U10 will play 7-on-7.

Coach volunteers     We need coaches! If you would like to volunteer to coach a team please contact Dean Cook.

What is a jamboree?     A jamboree is an event where players play without being coached. These players are evaluated and placed into a variety of skill categories. The coaches then use these evaluations to create balanced teams.

Practice location & schedule     Practices and games will be from 5:30-6:30 p.m. All YDP games and practices will be held at Sunnyside Park.

Game schedule     We will publish a formal game schedule after the season begins. All YDP games and practices will be held at Sunnyside Park.

Uniforms     Please understand that our uniform is a team jersey. We do not provide socks or shin guards. We will order jerseys for the players using the size indicated on the registration form. Players will need to bring tennis shoes/cleats, shin guards and a soccer ball.

Communication     We will communicate primarily through e-mail and secondarily through the web site. Please don’t forget to put an email address on the registration form.

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