August 6, 2014!

Player Registration

All players must fill out a BYSL-IYSA Registration Form each season. New players must provide a valid Birth Certificate. (These are kept on file by BYSL so that they are not needed every season).

All players must pay the appropriate fee.

Some club players must provide a Code of Conduct form (U13, U15, U17, and U19).

Players who wish to “Play-Up” must provide a Play-Up Consent Form.

Coach Registration

Coaches must provide a Coach Application, a Coach Code of Conduct, and an IYSA Volunteer Registration & Disclosure Form.

With the exception of the YPD and U11/U12, all coaches MUST have a minimum of a NSCAA Level 4 (or USSF “E”) license in order to coach for BYSL. The level 4 course takes 12 hours to complete. New coaches have a one year grace period in order to get their coaching license.

Team Registration

With the exception of the YDP, Coaches are responsible to ensure that their team is registered. They may use a team manager to help, but it remains the Coaches’ responsibility to ensure that all appropriate forms are submitted and fees are paid.

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