Spring Coaches

2014 Girls Teams and Coaches

  • U13
    • Odyssey (Daryn Brasher, Frank Tomasetti)
    • Xtreme (Mark Oliver, Blaise Collin, Pete Nawrocki)
    • Ballistic (Mike Wedman, Dan Beck)
  • U14
    • Odyssey (Wes Stumbo)
    • Revolution-Independent (Jason Lance, Brent Kennedy)
    • Fusion (Jeremy Johnson, John Douglas, Jenny Skeen)
  • U15
    • Odyssey (Bobbi Tracy)
    • Xtreme (Charlie Brizzee, Tammy Sorenson, Jose Moreno, Trina Bates)
    • Xtreme (Jeremy Christensen, Brandon Fuller, Terri Caldwell)
  • U16
    • Xtreme (Mark Oliver, Paul Wood)
    • Xtreme (Mark Oliver, Blaise Collin)
  • U17
    • Xtreme (Hugh Foster)
    • Bandits-Independent (Vince Bateman)
  • U18
    • Xtreme (Charlie Brizzee, Peter Klass)
    • Fusion (Ryan Reilly, Kari Reilly, Casey Johnson)
    • Velocity-Independent (Gary Lenon, Lauren Winterholler)

2014 Boys Teams and Coaches

  • U13
    • Odyssey (Ryan Cook)
    • Fusion (Mike Meyers, Ivan Hernandez)
  • U14
    • Odyssey (Dean Cook, Greg Archibald, Preston Atamamczyk)
    • Fusion (Jason Childs, J.D. Martin)
    • Fusion (Jason Childs)
  • U15
    • Odyssey (Scott Staker, Dean Cook)
    • Xtreme (Heath Hancock, Scott Ferrara, Mike Fish)
    • Fusion (Rick Ure)
  • U16
    • Odyssey (Dean Cook)
    • Xtreme (Juan-Jose Munoz)
    • Ballistic (Dave Hentzen)
  • U17
    • Odyssey (Stephanie Pena, Bryce Bronson)
    • Ballistic (Nick Josten)
    • Fusion (Tony Salmon)
  • U18
    • Odyssey (Reese Jones)
    • Elite-Independent (Bret Hansen, Brigham Redd, Paul Sanders)

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