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IYSA Concussion Policy

Concussions are becoming a bigger and bigger concern throughout all sports. In line with that, IYSA has updated their policies and website regarding concussions. Please go to for all of the details.

A few items of significant interest:

(1) Starting the fall of 2015 ALL coaches within IYSA (that includes BYSL) are to be educated on the concussion guidelines (diagnosis and return to play, etc.) either via online certification or by attending a certification class. This must be renewed each year prior to being allowed to coach or be on the sidelines of any team.

(2) IYSA will have concussion certified independent evaluators and all IYSA ran events (including but not limited to GEM State Challenge, Directors Cup, State Cup). The evaluators will be called to any game where a suspected concussion has occurred. The player will not be evaluated by the coach by rather by the IYSA appointed medical evalutor. If the player is deemed to have had a concussion then the player will not return to play that day. They will then need to get a formal medical release prior to return to play.

(3) IYSA realizes that not every league venue can have medical personnel available. However, if there is medical personnel available then refer to the same rule that IYSA has for its events. Those that do not have medical personnel available we ask that “when in doubt, sit them out” and follow the guidelines that IYSA has outlined on its website.

Again there is more information on this issue on IYSA’s website ( BYSL intends to be proactive in meeting IYSA’s recommendations and requirements regarding concussions.

If there are questions please contact Dan Beck, BYSL President.


Dan Beck
BYSL President

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BYSL Policy-Dual Registrations

Dear Parents, coaches, etc.,

There has been some confusion regarding whether players can register for a BYSL Junior High team while concurrently registering and playing competitively for another affiliate of the Idaho Youth Soccer Association (such as Gate City Youth Soccer League (PVSC) in Pocatello or Upper Valley Soccer Foundation (Madison United) in Rexburg.

IYSA’s rules state: RULE 5. MULTIPLE ROSTERING …A player may not be registered with more than one club at any given time during the seasonal year; however a player wishing to participate in an internal recreation league for one club and a competitive team with another club may do so with the permission of both clubs.

To avoid confusion, and to ensure that BYSL is consistent in its application of this rule with regard to the Junior High League and all applicable players, I presented the following question to the Board of BYSL at our July 8, 2014 Board Meeting: “If a player is registered and plays competitively for another IYSA Affiliate, will they also be allowed to register and play for a BYSL team in the Junior High League?

The Board discussed the issue and in order to avoid undermining what we believe is the vision and purpose of the Junior High Program, BYSL’s Board set the following policy: “If a player is registered and plays competitively for another IYSA Affiliate, that player will not be allowed to register and play for a BYSL team in the Junior High League.”

If there are questions or concerns about this policy please contact me at


Dan Beck
BYSL President


Forms for the June tryouts (U15-U18) are now available. Copies will also be available at the Tryouts. If you are unable to attend tryouts please submit a Registration form and a Coach Preference Form prior to the tryouts or arrange to have someone else turn them in at tryouts.

Tryouts for U15/U16 will be Tuesday, June 17 from 6:00-8:00 on Fields 1-6 of Old Butte.

  • Girls U15/U16 headquarters will be near or on Field #1. Girls will tryout on Fields 1-3.
  • Boys U15/U16 will be near Field #6. Boys will tryout on Fields 4-6.

Tryouts for U17/U18 will be Thursday, June 19 from 6:00-8:00 on Fields 1-3 of Old Butte. Headquarters for both boys and girls will be near Field #1.

If you have questions or are unable to access the forms from this website, please email Dan Beck ( and he will provide you with the appropriate forms.


Summer Soccer Camps and Clinics

This summer there will be four soccer camps/clinics in the Idaho Falls area, benefiting BYSL and/or its clubs. They are:

UK Elite (June 9-13, 2014)

Goalkeeper Camp with Ryan Cook (June 23-June 26)

ISU/OSC Soccer Camp (June 30-July 2, 2014)

Fusion Skills Clinic (July 19, 2014)

Please go to our “Summer Camps” page under the “Resources” tab for more details on each one.

Do it for Dean-Post Register Article

Positioned between the bench and Odyssey Black U-16 boys coach Ryan Cook at Saturday afternoon’s game with PVSC Galaxy at the Idaho Falls Soccer Complex was an empty red foldout chair.

Odyssey Black head coach Ryan Cook watches his team as they play the PVSC Galaxy during the Idaho Falls Shootout soccer tournament Saturday at the Idaho Falls Soccer Complex.

Amidst gusty winds and a brief period of late-spring snow during the game, Cook or one of his players would immediately get up to fix the chair when it fell over.

That chair is much more than a chair to Cook and the Odyssey athletes. It is a comforting reminder of Cook’s father and former Odyssey Black coach Dean Cook, who died March 31 in Idaho Falls at age 62.

Upon taking over as coach of his father’s team, Ryan told his new players that the chair his father sat in at every game would be part of their games, too.

“I brought my dad’s chair and told the boys, ‘That’s my dad’s chair. Nobody sits there,’” Ryan said. “It took them a couple minutes, but then they realized, ‘That’s OK.’ They’re OK with that.”

The empty chair was one of many ways the Odyssey Black team paid their respects to their former coach and longtime Bonneville Youth Soccer League president at the 35th annual Idaho Falls Shootout tournament taking place through the weekend. Visible on the right side of the black and gold uniform shorts were the initials ‘DC’ in gold, an idea of Odyssey Black midfielder Ammon Vaughnchild’s father.

Vaughnchild, who is a sophomore at Hillcrest, has played soccer for 10 years and easily remembers his first impression of Dean.

“When I first met him, it was kinda intimidating because he was a big guy,” Vaughnchild said. “He would coach you the same whether you do good or do bad.”

Ryan said the patches on the uniforms were a recent and moving gesture.

“I was touched,” he said. “I’ve been very impressed with the soccer community’s response. The community’s really rallied around us, especially my family.”

Despite having various soccer backgrounds and living within different school boundaries, the Odyssey Black athletes share fond memories of Dean Cook. Koy Bennion, a defender and Bonneville High School sophomore, couldn’t help smiling when recalling his family’s nickname for the coach.


“My family always called him Santa,” Bennion said. “He always did it for the kids. It was always about us. We know why we’re here.”

Timothy Rush, a Hillcrest sophomore, can recall a conversation he had with Dean Cook not long after he started playing for him. That conversation ultimately changed the position Rush played, and gave him a new outlook.

“I used to play defense,” Rush said. “He said, ‘I think you’d be a better wing than a defender.’ He started playing me at wing. When he first said that, I was like, ‘Defense is easier to play,’ but now I like it.”

Midfielder and Bonneville sophomore Matthew Page is a newcomer to BYSL. In the brief time he got to know Dean Cook, he noticed how much he helped athletes who were new to soccer.

“He’d just change (positions) around to what was most effective,” Page said. “He really knew what he was talking about.”

Page said he, too, liked the idea of honoring Dean Cook with the uniform patches for the tournament and added that he and his teammates know why they take the field now.

“He came in and brought the team together,” Page said. “We know what he expected of us.”

Saturday was a busy day for Ryan Cook, who coached his Odyssey U-13 boys team in an 8 a.m. game against Jackson Hole United, Odyssey Black at noon and still had an 8 p.m. game to prepare Odyssey Black for against the Livingston Raiders. After speaking with his wife, he decided to take on the responsibility of coaching both teams for the remainder of the club season.

Ryan Cook said there was much to consider with the decision, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It would be hard coaching two teams, but I appreciate her letting me do it,” Ryan Cook said. “This was my dad’s team. I wanted to take it over and stick with them.”

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