President’s Message-January, 2014

  Many of you may recognize my message in this issue of the Far Post.  I used this last year but, thought it important enough to use again.  Enjoy!

All of us can remember respect Respect for ourselves, our opponents, spectators, referees, coaches, and of course for the game.  Soccer is a global game.  From the lush green fields to the rock hard streets and dirt fields soccer is played throughout the world.

Every team works hard to prepare for their games.  All go into the contest with excitement and hopes of a victory.  Victory?  Is victory only measured by the score of the game?  My answer, and I hope yours, is no!  Victory/winning is many different things.  The player that scores their first goal.  That’s a victory regardless of the outcome of the game.  As you watch your team they play the game just like they have been coached, even if only for a time, that is a victory.  The excitement from your son or daughter after the game is as high as before the game because he/she played well, that is a victory.  Many more things become victories when we allow that to happen.  Good sportsmanship, fair play, positive support, and many more can all add to the enjoyment of the game.  So I am not misunderstood, I am very competitive.  Participating in the game for the better part of four decades has helped me to understand where victory/success can be found.  It’s not just on the scoreboard.  Look for all the victories that come this spring and your stress level will go down. The season will be improved.  Soccer is the world’s greatest game.  Good luck!!

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Dean Cook, BYSL President;  201-3808

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