President’s Message-June, 2014



What can I say, but that I love soccer. I love watching a five year old skip down the field with a ball between her feet. I love watching an eight year old as he executes a move that he’s practiced for hours and hours in the back yard. I love watching a young teenager as she collects a rebound and confidently slots it home in the bottom corner of the net. I love the way a team cheers when a kid who has never scored before gets a goal. I love the way a team rallies around a player who is feeling down after a mistake. I love playing with the players I coach and with my friends. I love watching professional athletes who after years of hard work, sweat and tears are finally able to live their dream playing on the big stage. If you ask me which team I like, that’s easy. I like all of them. I wouldn’t be in the position I am if I didn’t love soccer.

That said, I’ve got some huge shoes to fill. Dean Cook did an amazing amount of work (far more than anyone realized) to keep BYSL and all of its programs running. It’s not something I can (or plan to) do alone. Luckily there are lots of people already in place who are willing and capable and have already done a great job of getting us through this spring season. I am grateful beyond words to all those who contributed their time and effort his past season.

Dean ran BYSL with the philosophy that “every kid that wants to play, will have a place to play.” To continue in that direction, I need volunteers that are committed, reliable, and willing to work with others to get things done. Even if you don’t know me (which many of you don’t), please “Do it for Dean!” and help BYSL’s Board and our Directors continue to provide our youth with the opportunity to play soccer.

Check us out at or LIKE us on Facebook (Bonneville Youth Soccer League).

Dan Beck, BYSL President; 206-5588

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