UPDATE-Referee Clinic in March

Here is a update from Peter Stilling regarding the Referee Clinic coming in March. Please consider refereeing, it is a valuable way to give back to the community.

Ladies and Gents:

Here is the update / modification to the Rexburg USSF ELC (Entry Level Clinic)

Due to the National Office changing the methodology of the ELC (USSF Entry Level Clinic / USSF Grade 8 clinic) I have had to modify my clinic to accommodate this new paradigm.  Entry Level Clinics / Grade 8 clinics are still 16 hours long, but 8 hours of the clinic is now done online prior to attending the 8 hours in the classroom.

As such, I have shortened my clinic classroom dates to:

Thursday, March 20 thru Saturday, March 22.

Smith Building Room 323
Rexburg, Idaho

  • Thursday, 6-10pm, Classroom Instruction
  • Friday, 6-10pm, Classroom Instruction
  • Saturday, 8-Noon, Testing, Grading, Registration, and Guest Speakers.

All attendees MUST preregister with me.  If you do not pre-register you will not be given instructions on how to do the online portion of the clinic.

If you do not do the online portion of the clinic, you will not have your certificates of completion and thus I will deny you entrance to the classroom portion of the clinic.

ALL ATTENDEES MUST PREREGISTER WITH ME, PETER STILLING.  My contact information is located at the bottom of this email.

The clinic is still $25 and it is still $40 to register with USSF for a total of $65.  For those paying by check, make the check out to ISRC for $65.00

Cash is also acceptable.  No credit cards.

Thank you.

Peter Stilling
USSF Instructor
443 E 1st North
Rexburg, ID 83440
cell: 208.313.0945 (Text Acceptable)
email: stillingp@gmail.com
Social Networks: FB, G+, Twitter, FourSquare
IM: FB, GTalk, Skype

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